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Celebrities in Chelsea Crew: Katy Perry

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It’s a lazy summer morning and you are flipping through channels while sipping your cup of coffee. You stumble upon The Today Show just in time to catch¬†Katy Perry performing her hit single “California Gurls”. Right away you start singing out loud to this amazingly catchy song while thinking to yourself “WOW, those are some fantastic heels Katy is wearing.”

We think so too! Katy Perry and her backup dancers are rocking the Chelsea Crew NOVA heels in pink suede. These Chelsea Crew heels are a perfect choice for Katy. Their comfort and quality allows Katy and her dancers to put on their best performance and comfortably dance around the stage, while their unique vintage look makes for a killer fashion statement.

Check out these photos for a front row access to the Chelsea Crew NOVA heels!



Photos from HuffungtonPost.com, AmyGringhouse.com, ivillgae.com.

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